What have you missed on Powerful Monday Brainstorming with JCHI Agency

Brainstorming by IWGoC GAM Farah

Recap April’s Leaders Meeting

  • Recruitment decrease 500 to 400
  • CPD issue expected to reduce agency force by 10k
  • SD issue expected to reduce agency force by 10k
  • Hanya 17% dah submit SD for existing UTC
  • Issue unit trust agent menyamar jad ‘agent CPF’
  • Discussion on agent yang kena terminate
  • Management considering to buy CPF kiosk
  • Issue agent yang buat other investment services or MLM
  • UTC doesn’t make need base analysis to the customers – the may imply it to UTC-Client
  • A lot of pre-sign forms
  • PRS something like CPF choose Public Mutual as one the associate with them


  • Confirmation of Attendance by GAMs
  • Bayar by 7 June 25pax only RM300

JCHI Family day

  • Date : maybe 30th June
  • Venue : Bagan Lalang
  • Dateline : 7th June
  • Raimy, Nazri, Arif, Jas, Shahril, Wan Suzana, Farah, Cikgu, Hasimah, Habibah
  • RM 170 per chalet
  • RM 35 (breakfast, tea-break, dinner) – lunch (sendirian berhad)
  • RM 89 per campri (2 person only)

TM booth

  • Payment to Hazah PBB 4861767005
  • RM 100 per person monthly
  • Tuesdays to Fridays 9am to 5pm
  • AJK Caliph : Zarif & Hazah
  • AJK JUST : Kak Ton
  • AJK HC : Hasimah & Anis

Goal Setting

  • Shall do it at Hotel Flamingo RM100 (2 Tea-breaks, Lunch, PA system)
  • 12th January 2013


  • NSC Points for April not inclusive of submissions after cut-off date
  • NSC 19th May at PICC
  • AAN 20th May at MIECC
  • Invitation card at car dashboard then can get free parking
  • No Coaching (Saturday) & Brainstorming (Monday) this week.

Market update


  • cut interest rate because similar to OPR in Malaysia, they realise deposit of cash decrease YOY -0.5%
  •  Property market severe – slowing down
  • Wage pressure – profits of companies thinning
  • Monetary policy expansionary launched
  • Personally Jas next withdrawal into P Ittikal, Shahril because P Ittikal sleeps for 3 years – give it 6 months

Zakat Emas

  • Zakat yang dikenakan zakat walaupun pakai setahun sekali perlu kena zakat kalau cukup ‘uruf (150grams)
  • Emas tak pakai ‘uruf 85grams
  • Zakat emas kena qada’
  • Emas pelaburan ‘uruf ialah 85grams

Robert Kiyosaki said :

  1. If you want to get rich, don’t go to school – what we do here is learning by doing
  2. The rich is looking for network, everyone else is looking for work – In Unit Trust (Mutual Fund), we are looking for network.

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