When your notebook getting hot and it hang…

If you are using a small notebook or netbook, and if you are a heavy user, I believe you will experience what I have always experience. No 1, because the size of the notebook is small, the device is getting hot faster. When it hot, the system automatically make the cursor hang. May be to protect the device so that it cannot go hotter.

Once the cursor is hang, you cannot do anything except to turn the notebook OFF. To do that, normally you take the power source and battery out. The softer way is to press the ON button for more than 1 minutes, it will turn OFF. The consequence of this action is that all your running program will be terminated abruptly. As a result, when you turn on the notebook again, you cannot run it as usual. This is true especially the program that we used in unit trust industry.

Our CAMS and d-Solution systems will be corrupted. The problem for CAMS can be solved through the previous blog post. For problem on d-Solution, what you need to do is to run d-Solution Live Update. Then click system 1 only. Once it finished, run d-Solution as usual.

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