Why do we set life goals?

99% of the 7 billion world population feel they have no direction in life, they drift through their daily jobs/business year in, year out and become “mangsa keadaan”.
Before they know it, 10 years, 15 years, maybe 20 years have passed and they feel trapped, some feel lost, and some feel they have wasted their years!

I want you to love yourself and avoid feeling all the above. Thus we are going to conduct a workshop on Goal Setting at Public Mutual Training Centre, Cheras KL. Fees is RM50 per person.

Date: 14 Jan 2012

Time: 8:30pagi hingga 5 ptg

Place: Public Mutual Training Centre

Lunch and tea break are provided. Vision board sila ambil kat Jasma.

The session on 14 January will help you have & create VISIONS of what you want in life and create these VISIONS in your mind. Allow yourselves to see opportunities and dare to want BOLD DESIRES for you and your loved ones.

p.s. Ayat-ayat di atas adalah courtesy my senior GAM Jaslinah. Arif Ismail and the Caliphs public mutual unit trust consultants conduct a seminar on How to earn more than RM10,000 within 6 months in the unit trust industry. Click here to book your seat.

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