You can’t win by being everything to everybody

Try to promote any product or services especially the unit trust, takaful even the MLM products to everybody. Do you think you can do it. Yes, you can but for a limited time. Unless you are the big brother like Public Mutual, who have all the budget to advertise nationwide and consistently plus with big human resources.

You said ” I am a unit trust consultant for the big boy” Why can I do it. You must differentiate between you as an agent and Public Mutual as a fund manager.

You as an agent has two hands and two legs. Also one mouth. If you want to cover everybody for everything in the whole Malaysia. Do you think you can do it. I heard those with “can do” mentality said ooh yess… Arif. I agree with them too. However, over the time you will get tired to serve your clients nationwide. That doesn’t take into account the cost incurred and the time you spent traveling here and there.

Another things is that those who are new in the business world, will a have a temptation to do many businesses at one time. Serving everything to everybody. Today they do unit trust. Tomorrow they do the MLM. The next day they try to sell filters. They lost focus. You must see Tony Fernandez, Syed Bukhari etc. They focus on one business first until they find the “waters”, then they diversify. So don’t get trap by being everything to everybody.

Arif Ismail is a unit trust consultant that serve only TM clients and their families. He also help the bumiputeras to experience the business world by being a unit trust consultant as he believes the unit trust business is one of the best way to learn business skills without sacrificing your hard-earned money. Can you find any business that you can start immediately with as low as RM250 and get the support from those who is sincere to help you. Call Azah 013-3970588 or click for what you can get on his Saturday seminar.

4 thoughts on “You can’t win by being everything to everybody

  • Agree with u Brother Arif. In this world we can only become expert in one area eventhough we opt to do more than one thing at a time. However I see these people who actually asked unit trust consultant to sell their stuff as an obstacles or challenge to succeed in the business. All I can suggest is motivate them and if possible help them up by buying or consume their products.

  • First of all,
    Congratulations Abg Arif for the promotion to the highest level with Public Mutual! 🙂

    Secondly, my recruiter, masa dia mula2 have me as his UTC, he’s doing 2 side businesses besides his full time career as an engineer.

    1. Full Time keje
    2. Public Mutual
    3. MLM yg dari Australia.. ntah tak ingat nama dia.

    Mula2 memang bagus laaa bis dia in both…. Lama2…. tak larat bang….

    Last I heard, he is still a Supervisor and tak tak buat the MLM thingy (da tutup kot company tu) and still makan gaji. hmm….

    As for me, no turning back!!! After 4 yrs buat part time, 1yr plus da full time. So, far… alhamdulillah…. FOKUS itu perlu…. yup yup! 🙂 this is my career…. this is my life…. syukur alhamdulillah…

  • Raimy, thanks and jazakallah.

    I hope all of us will understand that we are tempted to do many things at one time when we see many people can do this, can do that. Even a notebook PC that try to do multi-tasking is sometime crash or the processing & response time is slower. May be your Apple notebook better kot. But still it getting slower. So if we do many things at once pun, kita pun slow jugak.

  • Thanks Ida,

    I admire you because you are one of the faster manager in Public Mutual while doing it part time. My agents of course have learn a lot from your sharing during out Goal Setting Seminar 2010. They and me included wonder how you can have that plenty of downlines using a mult-strategy in a very short time. Like to receive your good comments in this blog.

    Thanks again.

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